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Heuristicorp, Inc. began as a sole proprietorship Heuristic Solutions in Florida in the year 2001 providing technology consulting and computer repair services from the home of our president.

October 27, 2003 Heuristicorp, Inc. was incorporated and on January 1, 2004 acquired all assets of Heuristic Solutions.  These included the Collectapedia and Collector”s Resource websites.

April 2004 the Panther Computers brand was created and our first retail store providing computer sales and services was opened.  Heuristic Solutions still provides on site repairs  and consulting services.

2005, Heuristicorp, Inc. spun off its web site consulting operations from Heuristic Solutions creating the Webtanium brand.

February 2007 we established our ISP (Internet Service Provider) business LightSpine Communications in response to the demand of Panther Computers customers.

December 2007 we divested ourselves of the Collectapedia brand and website, selling the domain.

In 2010 we created the WikiEatery brand, and the Tipository reference site. We are also transforming the Heuristic Solutions brand into our R&D Division as all computer related operations are now fully under the Panther Computers brand.  We expect Heuristic Solutions to begin applying for patents in 2011.